Good Shepherd Pendleton and Campus
Good Shepherd Pendleton and Campus
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Religious Ed. Curriculum
Religious Ed. Director
Sr. Grace Dike, SCGR

GRADE 1 - God’s Love
The concept of God as a loving God and Creator, God the Father, Son and Spirit and lessons about Baptism are the focus of the First Grade curriculum.

GRADE 2 - First Reconcilliation
The focus of the Second Grade curriculum is the life of Jesus and His unique love for us. The child also learns of the Father’s healing, forgiveness and love for us in the preparation and celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

GRADE 3 - 1st Holy Comminion
The Church as Community and the people who hear and respond to God’s word, concentration on the Mass and preparation for the celebration of First Eucharist are the major concentrations of the Third Grade curriculum.

GRADE 4 - Teachings of Jesus
The call to lead a moral life based on the examples of Jesus’ life and teachings, the Ten Commandments, Two Great Commandments, Beatitudes, and the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy are the focus of the Fourth Grade.

GRADE 5 - The Sacraments
The major theme is Sacrament, as Jesus’ way of sharing God’s life with us through life-giving signs and actions. Each of the seven Sacraments is studied in a comprehensive way.

GRADE 6 - The Word of God
The basic theme is God’s self revelation throughout the Old Testament realized in the Covenant, which God makes with His people. Students are led to discover the richness of our Judeo-Christian roots and develop an appreciation for the Old Testament as God’s living word for us today.

GRADE 7 - To Follow Jesus
The person of Jesus is the focus of Grade Seven. The appropriateness of this focus is evident when we recognize the interest and attention of the adolescent to interpersonal relationships and peer groupings. The student is challenged to know Jesus and to follow His way of life through the Church, the Sacraments and the New Testament.

GRADE 8 - Church History
The Roman Catholic Church and its history is the Eighth Grade focus. The models of the church, its marks, mission and the liturgical year is highlighted. Students are challenged to develop a deeper understanding of the Church through the experience of Christian morality.

GRADE 9 - Confirmation Preparation
Students begin the Confirmation process in Ninth Grade and continue through the Tenth Grade. The students begin to incorporate the Catholic doctrine learned over their elementary years and more directly apply it to their life. The focus is one of faith and formation, helping the student to become a more active and conscientious young, Catholic adult.

GRADE 10 - Confirmation
The journey of Confirmation preparation provides an opportunity for each candidate to take the time to understand and reflect upon their relationship with Jesus, the Church and the meaning of a Christian lifestyle. It includes a Commitment Mass, retreat with sponsors and an interview with one of the parish staff.